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What Moss is That?

roji Fletcher's "Moss Grower's Handbook" has been a well-thumbed volume over my years of Japanese-style garden design but as Fletcher attests, his book is not primarily a key guide for identification. So here's a test for my readers; horticulturists, bryophyte growers and botanists to show off your moss identification skills!

If you can identify any of these moss species pictured further down this page please let me know;
info AT aromagardens DOT com DOT au.

Creating a moss garden, Roji 露地, dewy ground

To create a moss garden, Roji (露地) or 'dewy ground' the soil on this site (pictured above) was amended to create a natural storm water detention system. Constructed on Hawkesbury sandstone, this pseudo-hanging swamp or wet-acid heath (pH 6.2) forms part of the Roji. The path was constructed with a peat base and topped with Sphagnum which, as far as I can ascertain, is likely to be a mix of S. recurvum, S. fimbriatum and S. papillosum. The Sphagnum layer was revived from a bag of 'dead' Sphag moss commonly sold in nurseries as a moisture-retention solution. There are a variety of mosses growing atop of the living Sphagna.
Click on the numbered thumbnail images of each mossy area to see a larger pop-up.

bryophyte 2 bryophyte 1 Moss #1 is possibly Brachythecium salebrosum or Brachythecium populeum or maybe even Aulacomnium palustre?
Moss #2 is possibly Bryum capillare or Mnium stellare?

bryophyte 4 bryophyte 3 Moss #3 looks like there is one tiny Diplophyllum obtusifolium beside some Campylopus clavatus in the centre of this photo.
Moss #4 is possibly a colony of Campylopus clavatus or Leucobryum glaucum?

bryophyte 6 bryophyte 5 Moss #5 & 6 looks to me like Polytrichum juniperinum or perhaps P. piliferum growing amidst the Sphagna.

bryophyte 8 bryophyte 7 Moss #7 could this be Polytrichum commune?
Moss #8 is this some more Polytrichum commune here? This one is holding tight to the sandstone.

bryophyte 10 bryophyte 9 Moss #9 I have no idea about this one!
Moss #10 to me this looks like Bryum capillare because their appears to be a nerve extending outward from the leaf tip.

Again, if you can id any of these mosses please contact Meryl via;
info AT aromagardens DOT com DOT au.