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Plant of the Week 30/6/2009: Tetradenia riparia

Tetradenia riparia, Nutmeg Bush Culture: Tetradenia riparia are native to the eastern side of the African continent and live near watercourses, dry woodland valleys and along hillsides. The name Iboza comes from a Zulu description for it's aromatic properties. Ibozas create a soft 3m x 2m screen and the one pictured here is hiding 2 compost tumblers. (zones 10 - 11)

Position: In Sydney Iboza's grow well in full sun to lightly dappled shade. Whilst they are semi-succulent, Nutmeg bushes are slightly drought tender.

Tetradenia riparia flower detail Flowers: Tetradenia riparia flower when little other colour is on show in the garden. Male flowers put on the best display with their magnificent fluffy whitish-mauve inflorescences commence blooming in June and continue their spectacular show through till August - September. Cut back hard after flowering to promote compact growth.

Care: Tetradenia riparia are as tough as old boots and thrive on neglect.

Propagation: Tetradenia riparia are extremely easy to propagate and can be struck like you would a Pelargonium. During Spring and Summer stem or branch cuttings will strike quickly in a slightly moist, sandy mix.