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Plant of the Week 23/4/2009: Soleirolia soleirolii

Culture: Although Soleirolia soleirolii is native to calcareous soils, it is highly adaptable and grows well even in a pH neutral environment. Soleirolia soleirolii, a native of Corsica and Sardinia, is drought and frost tender. The Baby's Tears pictured here is thriving on a compost-rich bed of pH neutral soil and is enjoying the moist, but not water-logged conditions. Soleirolia soleirolii

Position: Baby's Tears requires a warm area where it can receive dappled light or minimal sun in Winter and full shade in Summer. My plants are situated underneath deciduous trees on a north facing rise that acts as a watercourse during periods of heavy rain. From a distance Baby's Tears has a bright green moss-like appearance and can be used as a lawn substitute where foot traffic is a rare event.

Soleirolia soleirolii macro detail Flowers: Soleirolia soleirolii flowers in Spring with imperceptibly tiny white flowers.

Care: Baby's Tears enjoys a 6 weekly application of Seasol.

Propagation: Division is the fastest method for establishing a new patch of Soleirolia soleirolii. Simply dig up a small section and plant it elsewhere. Keep it moist till established.