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Official: Organic Foods are Better for You

Organic produce Some time ago UK newspaper The Times Online published an article citing the research findings of Professor Carlo Leifert, who coordinated a European Union funded project into Organic vs Conventional food produce.

Excerpts from the Times Online article "Official: Organic Really Is Better"

"The biggest study into organic food has found that it is more nutritious than ordinary produce and may help to lengthen people's lives. The evidence from the £12m four-year project will end years of debate and is likely to overturn government advice that eating organic food is no more than a lifestyle choice.

Organic produce Researchers grew fruit and vegetables and reared cattle on adjacent organic and nonorganic sites on a 725-acre farm attached to Newcastle University, and at other sites in Europe. They found that levels of antioxidants in milk from organic herds were up to 90% higher than in milk from conventional herds.

As well as finding up to 40% more antioxidants in organic vegetables, they also found that organic tomatoes from Greece had significantly higher levels of antioxidants, including flavo-noids thought to reduce coronary heart disease.

Leifert said the government was wrong about there being no difference between organic and conventional produce. "There is enough evidence now that the level of good things is higher in organics" he said."

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I bet the world's huge chemical multi-nationals will be madly scrambling to create a counter-report!

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Organic produce images courtesy of the Green Tucker Store Co-op.