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The Nightmare on New Homeowner's St or Soils ain't Soils (Ch3)

Today we continue with Part 3 of our horror story where Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner eventually learn why Soils ain't Soils.

Chapter 3

Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner decide to act on their immediate problem. With a few of the worst browned, insect-laded and shrivelled plant cuttings in hand, they head off to their local garden centre. On the way they discuss whether the plant choices that their Landscape Designer made were really the best.

At the garden centre Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner show their cuttings to the staff. The staff advise Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner that the insect attack has gone too far and they are likely to loose a few plants but some can be saved if they spray 'xyz' and 'abc' products as per the instructions. To Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner's mind this incident confirms that either the Landscape Designer made poor plant choices or the gardener didn't plant them properly. Equipped with their chemicals and a trailer load of replacement plants they head home to fix the problem, grumbling about the additional expense of having to fork out more money on more plants and chemicals.

Back at home Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner rip out the dead and dying plants, replacing them with the new ones. Then they mix up the chemicals at double the recommended dose because twice as strong a mix will work twice as good.. right? They decide to spray all the newly purchased plants also in the hope that will protect their new purchases from being attacked by insects too.

One week later, after a few hot sunny days the whole garden is looks like it has been hit with napalm. Almost every plant is now brown, shrivelled and dying. Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner resolve to not spend any more money on trying to fix their garden wasteland and complain bitterly about the skill of the Landscape Designer, the gardener and even the garden centre staff to all and sundry.

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  • Will Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner ever seek out a professional consultant to come and assess their site's soil?
  • Will Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner ever realise that their problem is due to all the buried building debris, the buried concrete spoil, the severely compacted, damaged substrate and, their incorrect choice of soil mix?
  • Will Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner just give up and live with the mess that they have created?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of:
Nightmare on New Homeowner's St or Soils ain't Soils