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The Nightmare on New Homeowner's St or Soils ain't Soils (Ch1)

This is a horror story. It is the story of a fictitious couple: Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner and how they end up with an absolutely gorgeous house surrounded by a tragic garden where sturdy plants mysteriously die. In my twenty+ years experience in the horticultural industry, I have seen this same story repeated thousands of times because most newly constructed home owners are seriously under-skilled in the specialist fields of Agronomy, Soil-Physiology, Horticulture, Soil-Chemistry and Soil-Biology. Most, if not ALL home owners tend to get it wrong, horribly wrong, and the consequences of their actions can haunt them for decades to come...

Chapter 1

Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner have a beautiful new home sitting on a bare block of land that has been a construction site for the past 10 months. Earth-moving equipment has run backwards and forwards over the site causing massive degradation and compaction to the soil. Concrete (pH 12) has been used in the footings, the house slab, mortar and various other applications and this concrete spoil, along with most of the other building debris, has all been buried on-site.

Now the Newhomeowner's have out laid a small fortune on their new home, the bank has loaned them enough to cover the cost of the construction, appliances, other fit-outs and landscaping.

By this time the Newhomeowner's are keen to get started on 'doing' their garden. Looking at their budget there's only $5000-$10,000 left... so they will need to be very careful with how they spend their money.

They study the landscape plan that was submitted with the DA, but their new nest needs something done fast, so Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner decide to do a bit of their own research by visiting the local landscape supply centre.

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  • Will Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner decide to get a professional consultant to come and assess their site? Knowing that it will be a sound investment for establishing the garden of their dreams.
  • Will Mr & Mrs Newhomeowner buy some "really nice" dark-looking garden mix that is a bit more than they'd like to pay, but it looks to them like it would be great for their site? Not knowing that this mix is going to cause them untold problems for decades.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of:
Nightmare on New Homeowner's St or Soils ain't Soils