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Eupoecila australasiae Fiddler Beetle

Fiddler Beetle Eupoecila australasiae are commonly found along the East coast and coastal tablelands of Australia from Q'ld to Vic, and around the South coast of Australia from Vic to SA. They are diurnal, expert flyers and come from the scarab family of beetles. Fiddler Beetles are so named because of their violin-like markings in yellow or green.
The Fiddler Beetle are garden friends.

Eupoecila australasiae emerge from its larval form in early Summer to feed on the nectar and pollen of many Eucalypts and other flowering trees. This Fiddler was on a flowering Sapium sebiferum and the bright yellow pollen spots on this root (qv) are evidence of what this Fiddler beetle had been tucking into.

Eupoecila australasiae