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Easy Guide to Composting

Bouquets to the NSW DECCW for their 'Easy Guides'. Easy Guide to Composting

The NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water have some really useful information for the home-gardener. Their Easy Guide series;

Easy Composting guide

The Marvel of Mulch and the

Easy Worm Farming guide. Easy Guide to Mulch

All 3 guides are excellent and they are available in a variety of different languages: Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

One comment about the Worm Farming guide though, Quote; "Worms least favourite foods include dairy products, Easy Guide to Worm Farming butter & cheese, meat, fish, fat and bones, very oily foods and citrus, onion and garlic."                                                     Hmmm… well that quoted passage is somewhat of an understatement! These foods are not only a worm's "least favourite foods", they are likely to kill off most of the worms in your worm farm so put these scraps in the rubbish instead.

One of my all time favourite mulches that I often recommend to clients is Kriedemann Farms Organic Sugar Cane Mulch Kriedemann Farms Organic Sugar Cane Mulch it’s wonderful stuff. Kriedemann Farms Organic Sugar Cane Mulch is densely packed and being organic you can be assured that no nasty pesticides or herbicides will be transferred to your garden. What's more, their product claims are genuine - it really does suppress weeds, conserve moisture, and prevent erosion. Kriedemann Farms Organic Sugar Cane Mulch is up on my list of Highly Recommended Products.

Safety First! Finally, remember to protect yourself by always wearing a dust mask when you are working with soils, mixes, compost and mulches.