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Plant of the Week 17/4/2009: Calathea zebrina

Calathea zebrina Culture: Calathea zebrina should be planted with a good proportion of peat moss and organic compost worked through the existing soil. They like to be kept moist but not boggy so peat moss and organic compost mix is an ideal growing medium as it retains moisture without keeping them soaking wet.

Position: The Zebra Plant requires warm, humid conditions and is drought and frost tender. In Sydney, Calatheas like to be planted in full shade but in a well-lit area.

Calathea zebrina flower detail Flowers: In Summer the inconspicuous flowers look absolutely gorgeous nestled amongst the leaves.

Care: Every two months my Calathea zebrina has a drink of my "Fertiliser Tea". My Fertiliser Tea is 1 tablespoon of Yates Organic Dynamic Lifter dissolved overnight with 1 litre hot water. This concentrated solution then poured into 20 litres of cold water, to which I add 250ml of Seasol.

Propagation: The leaves emerge from basal rosettes to form a 1m wide x 1m high specimen which can be divided up with a sharp spade between these rosettes.