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Plant of the Week 7/9/2010: Babiana stricta

Babiana stricta Culture: Babiana stricta is an early spring corm native to sub-Saharan Africa. These vivid blue-flowering 30cm tall plants are named after the baboons who dig up and eat the corms. Babianas are a pretty addition to a perenial border garden (zones 9 - 11).

Position: In Sydney's warm temperate climate Babiana stricta prefer an open sunny position.

Flowers: Flowers resemble miniature blue Gladioli.

Care: Babiana stricta should be grown in free-draining sandy loam. Ensure Baboon flowers receive adequate watering during spring and summer.

Propagation: Babianas tend to self seed to create a beautiful display. If some seedlings appear outside of the garden bed dig up the corm in Autumn and replant them in the correct position. Babiana stricta

Babiana stricta