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Plant of the Week 15/12/2009: Alstroemeria hybrids

Alstroemeria x Inca Sunset Culture: Alstroemerias are long-lived perennials suitable for the herbaceous or mixed border. Peruvian Lily hybrids are a favourite of the cut-flower industry. Originating from Chile, and Brazil, Alstroemerias grow to a height and width of 300 mm from a fleshy 'jelly bean'-like tuber. The named Alstroemeria hybrids are well worth growing and are a beautiful addition to any garden, however Alstroemeria psittacina New Zealand Christmas Bells commonly known as New Zealand Christmas Bells, have become a weed in Australia and are very difficult to eradicate. (zones 7-10)

Position: Alstroemerias can cope with full sun for most of the day but they prefer dappled light to shade in summer afternoons.

Flowers: Alstroemeria flowers are mildly scented and bloom in Spring, Summer and Autumn in Sydney. Alstroemeria x Inca Sunset with Arthropodium cirratum Colours range from red, orange, pink, crimson, salmon, yellow, cream through to nearly white, with deeper coloured flecks on the petals and often a yellowish toned throat.

Care: Alstroemerias should be grown in moist, well drained soil enriched with orgainic matter.

Propagation: Established clumps can be divided in late Autumn or Winter. Red Spider-Mite, Tetranychus urticae can occasionally attack Alstroemerias the best method of control is to squish them.