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Plant of the Week 6/5/2009: Acalypha reptans

Culture: Acalypha reptans is native to India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Acalyphas thrive in monsoonal conditions (zones 10 - 12) so a warm spot with plenty of water in Summer is essential. Acalypha reptans

Position: Acalyphas requires a warm location with dappled light in a loamy soil or a moist sandy loam. They enjoy spilling over rocks or being planted out in a hanging basket with a good, moist peaty mix.

Flowers: Acalypha reptans flower from Summer to Autumn and the female plant has beautiful tassel-like flowers which need to be protected from strong winds.

Care: Acalypha reptans like a 6 weekly application of Seasol.

Propagation: During the warmer months take cutting that include a few nodes. Remove all the leaves except 1 at the tip and plant the rest of the stem, leaving the leaf exposed. Roots will establish quickly from the nodes that make contact with moist soil.